About     Andres   Grande

 1965, Gijon / Spain.  Lives and works in Los Angeles.

At first the creative context of my work is directed towards personal introspection, an inward look based on individual memory. The sum of experiences materialize in an organic language that I call "Matter Paintings" where the physical footprint is a metaphor of what has been lived, crosses the image in a substantial way.

Later my proposal is oriented towards a permanently implicit dialogue between the artistic expression and the author. A reflection on the relationship of the author with the created image, where I use the classic idea of portraiture as a pretext to prompt this back-and-forth communication.

After "digging" inside and listening to the outside language, I concludethat the function of Art is to transform things through the image.

 This is the reason why my proposal is addressed to the human reality, that reality that is uncomfortable when dealing critically with such fundamentalissues as gender, inequality, immigration, freedom or racism among others, seeking that trans-formative meaning.

To this analysis belong the series "Border". They alluded to symbolic boundaries separating two enormously unequal worlds, provoking extreme situations on a daily basis that I have witnessed happen between Europe and Africa, and again between US and Mexico. These intersections of lines, ironically gay, are that ruthless smile at the end of the journey against which people who long for a better future collide.

This visual discourse is articulated through representation as a corrective element, whose status will flow as long as the differentiating consciousness between existence / non-existence persists.